Our mission

Homo Ludens Yacht Support is committed to providing the best possible customer experience, by following our core values.

To our Employees, Homo Ludens Yacht Support provides an opportunity for personal and professional growth, by creating an environment of teamwork and sharing in company profits.

For our Strategic Partners, Homo Ludens Yacht Support will continue to build strong partnerships with key service providers to help our customers get the services they need in every market.

For the environment, we will continue to donate a minimum of 5% of our company’s pre-tax profits to support the Environment and other non-profits that serve for the better good.
Is profit enough? Responsibility of an organisation is not to make a profit, but to create a vivid, vital, honourable and responsible organisation with the real commitment to its surroundings
Je li profit dovoljan? Odgovornost organizacije nije u kreiranju profita, nego u kreiranju žive, vitalne, časne i odgovorne organizacije sa stvarnom predanošću okruženju.
Anita Roddick, Body Shop

HOMO LUDENS j.d.o.o.
Aviation & Nautical services
Seat: Rudina 112, 21460 Stari Grad
Contact number: +395(0)91 250 80 07

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